Péndulo Gallery is an international contemporary art company based in Peru, dedicated to cultural management and the production of art projects; its fields of expertise are painting, illustration, muralism and the promotion of independent artists. Péndulo gives form to divergent ideas, contributing to the exploration of different creative mediums, and conceives disruptive projects that contribute to the legible and articulated dialogue between artists, spaces and audience.
The emergent artists movement is young, but significant, and Péndulo goal is to establish a curatorial forum as much as a collector’s circuit for its commerce, compromising with the vision, the risk and the exceptional talents that practice it, and opening new spaces that help the sustainability of the field, the innovation of cultural management and creative economy.

Diana Guarderas


Curator of contemporary art with a diplomature in cultural management and more than fourteen years of experience in production and creative direction. He has traveled to direct and produce cultural/creative projects in countries such as Spain, Argentina, France, Chile and Turkey. 

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable"